Valdobbiadene and surroundings

Valdobbiadene-F01Valdobbiadene, a beautiful hillside town surrounded by vineyards. It offers a wide range of tracks which you can explore by foot, bicycle or car, whilst taking in the breathtaking landscape. Afterwards take time to enjoy the wonderful Prosecco of the region whilst you relax and observe nature and history merging to unveil a scenic gem.

Montebelluna, vista dall'alto


Montebelluna on the hills. International city of the shoe and the location of many sportswear companies, it offers an interesting “Boots Museum” to visit, just 19km from this hotel.



Castelfranco Veneto, 32 km away, is a Medieval borgo. The area between the walls and the moat is now a public garden and a beautiful location for a stroll.



Asolo, 25 km away, is located atop the Asolani hills in a beautiful position. Hidden behind ancient walls, there is a pre Roman Rocca, that can be reached by walking the 100 steps that begin in Piazza Maggiore.



Treviso, located 39 km away, is host to the main town of Marca Trevigiana. A walled town, built in 1509 by Serenissima a very successful water hydraulic system services the city.


bassanoThe elegant wooden bridge on the river Brenta, designed by Palladio, is the most important monument in the town of Bassano. Destroyed several times by the force of the river and indeed war, it maintains it’s characteristic form of the 1569 Palladian model. Bassano is also renowned for the delicious Nardini grappa.



Maser, 18 km away, is well known for its stunning building Villa Barbaro, commissioned by Daniele Barbaro, Aquileia patriarch. Its design and development was entrusted to a pull of exceptional artists in 1560: Palladio undertaking design, Paolo Veronese paintwork and Alessandro Vittoria completing the structure with his wonderful sculptures.



Possagno, 20 km from the hotel: is the birthplace of the neo-classical Venetian sculptor Antonio Canova. Visit the Gipsoteca Museum, which exhibits a breadth of the sculptors work. Other works of Canova, Luca Giordanoi and Palma Il Giovane are safeguarded in the Canovian Temple, designed by the artist.

villa emo fanzolo


Villa Emo di Fanzolo, 26 km away: This richly decorated 16th Century Palladian Villa is host to many frescoes and Summer concerts in the stunning gardens.



Conegliano, birthplace of the artist Giambattista Cima (XV sec.) is located on the Trevigian PreAlps, 40 km from the hotel. Surrounded by vineyards, it is an artistic and cultural hub.